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Gisela Bean


Welcome to Alchemy Movement, a boutique Pilates, yoga and meditation space in the heart of Robindale Johannesburg. While offering traditional Pilates, Vinyasa and Meditation classes I tend to incorporate different movement and teaching styles in an attempt to help you connect with your body, mind and spirit. I truly believe that movement should go beyond physical exertion and the pursuit of vanity, to a deeper core connection with your own innate ability to heal and understand not only the physical body but the spirit within. I incorporate meditation techniques into my classes and like to think of them as a form of moving meditation. My intention is to leave you feeling lighter and brighter after a class.
    I am a fully qualified and experienced BASI Comprehensive Pilates Instructor and Vinyasa Yoga teacher



Why Alchemy Movement

A seemingly magical process of transformation, creation, or combination.

   The dictionary definition is a perfect explanation of the concept behind Alchemy Movement. I have found in my own body and life, as well as seeing it in my clients, that there is an extraordinary transformation that takes place when one commits to a practice of self-care and exploration. It is for lack of a better word magical.

It is Alchemy.

Within you resides the power to transform, not only your physical body but also to create an internal landscape that is conducive to health and happiness. My hope and greatest wish is to help you pull back that curtain within yourself to reveal your own magic.



Ascention oils

A curated collection of individually blended essential oils that can be worn as perfume, used to create a luxurious, healing bath or placed in an oil burner to add a fragrant aroma to your home or work space. The scents are designed to stimulate and balance the Chakras and the senses.

ASCENTION ENERGY OILS are available in 7 scents blended to correspond to each of the body’s energy centers. Each scent has been created to awaken, balance and assist you in connecting with your chakras.

ASCENTION FEMPOWER OIL was specially blended to assist women during birth and in postpartum recovery, as well as an aid during PMS and period pains, and of course when you just need to feel a little Fempower!

ASCENTION LITTLE OIL OF CALM created for the little ones, it is a calming blend that is wonderful for soothing over-active minds and settling down for bed time, it is also highly effective at getting rid of the monsters in the closet and under the bed. This oil works equally well on the not so little ones and their stress levels.

For more information please contact me directly. All oils are lovingly hand made to order.

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Current Group Classes:

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Fee Structure

The costs of instructors teaching at Alchemy Movement may vary, above mentioned prices are based on 60min classes taught by Gisela Bean including Pilates, Yoga and Meditation classes.
Workshops and special events are charged as advertised and will vary. 

As instructors time and space in the class is allocated to you, studio Policy requires a minimum of 24 hours notice if you are unable to attend a class that you have booked, failure to do so will result in the class being charged for in full. 


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